Edinburgh Comedy Awards

Dutch Elm Conservatoire 2005 Best Comedy Show Nominee

Dutch Elm Conservatoire display image

Conspiracy: Stephen Evans, Jim Field Smith, Rufus Jones, Jordan Long and Renton Skinner

Following their nomination Dutch Elm Conservatoire appeared on various BBC TV and radio programmes, including Loose Ends, The Milk Run and 28 Acts in 28 Minutes. Individually acting and writing career highlights include: Stephen Evans appearing in Hyperdrive, Nighty Night and My Family, Jim Field Smith has just directed Hollywood movie She's Out of My League, Rufus Jones and Dan Renton Skinner both write and perform for Katy Brand's Big Ass Show and both have live circuit acts (Skinner as Angelo's Epithemiou is a regular on Shooting Stars) and Jordan Long has appeared in Skins, Primeval and Peep Show.