Edinburgh Comedy Awards

Cambridge Footlights 1981 Best Comedy Show Winner

Cambridge Footlights display image

Penny Dwyer, Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, Tony Slattery, Paul Shearer and Emma Thompson

This Cambridge Footlights dream team numbered talent whose work has ranged from Blackadder to the Harry Potter films. Fry and Laurie enjoyed a successful sketch partnership before both pursued fruitful solo projects with Laurie now a star in the US with House and Fry ubiquitous with credits too numerous to detail. Thompson has enjoyed a regular and high profile film career. Paul Shearer is best known for his work on The Fast Show, Tony Slattery has since made a steady stream of appearances since from films such as The Crying Game and Peter's Friends to TV shows like Ready, Steady Cook and the late Penny Dwyer who chose a career in metallurgy over one in entertainment and worked on the construction of the Channel Tunnel.