Winners Name  - Best Comedy Show 2015

Winner - Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast

Best Comedy Show 2015

Winners Name - 2015 Best Newcomer

Winner - Sofie Hagen: Bubblewrap

Best Newcomer 2015

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  2015 winner   2015 winner WINNER - Sam Simmons: Spaghetti for Breakfast

James Acaster: James Acaster: Represent
Joseph Morpurgo: Joseph Morpurgo: Soothing Sounds for Baby
Kieran Hodgson: Kieran Hodgson: Lance
Nish Kumar: Nish Kumar: Long Word. Long Word.. Blah Blah Blah.. I'm So Clever
Sarah Kendall: Sarah Kendall: A Day in October
Seymour Mace: Seymour Mace is Niche as F**k!
Trygve Wakenshaw: Trygve Wakenshaw: Nautilus
  2014 winner   2014 winner WINNER - JOHN KEARNS: SHTICK

Alex Horne: Monsieur Butterfly
James Acaster: Recognise
Liam Williams: Capitalism
Romesh Ranganathan: Rom Wasn’t Built in a Day
Sam Simmons: Death of a Sails - Man
Sara Pascoe: Sara Pascoe vs History
  2013 winner   2013 winner WINNER - Bridget Christie: A Bic for Her

Carl Donnelly: Now That's What I Carl Donnelly! Volume V
James Acaster: Lawnmower
Max and Ivan: The Reunion
Mike Wozniak: Take The Hit
Nick Helm: One Man Mega Myth
Seann Walsh: The Lie-in King
  2012 winner   2012 winner WINNER - DOCTOR BROWN: Befrdfgth

Claudia O'Doherty: The Telescope
James Acaster: Prompt
Josie Long: Romance and Adventure
Pappy's: Last Show Ever!
Tony Law: Maximum Nonsense
  2011 winner   2011 winner WINNER - ADAM RICHES: Bring Me the Head of Adam Riches

Andrew Maxwell: The Lights Are On
Chris Ramsey: Offermation
Josie Long: The Future Is Another Place
Nick Helm: Dare to Dream
Sam Simmons: Meanwhile
  2010 winner - Russell Kane   2010 winner WINNER - RUSSELL KANE: Smokescreens and Castles

Bo Burnham: Words, Words, Words
Josie Long: Be Honourable!
Greg Davies: Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog
Sarah Millican: Chatterbox
  2009 winner - Tim Key   2009 winner WINNER - TIM KEY: The Slutcracker

Idiots of Ants: This Is War
John Bishop: Elvis Has Left the Building
Jon Richardson: This Guy at Night
Russell Kane: Human Dressage
Tom Wrigglesworth: Open Return Letter to Richard Branson
  2008 winner   2008 winner WINNER - DAVID O'DOHERTY: Let's Comedy

Kristen Schaal and Kurt Braunohler: Double Down Hearts
Rhod Gilbert: The Award-Winning Mince Pie
Russell Kane: Gaping Flaws
  2007 winner   2007 winner WINNER - BRENDON BURNS: So I Suppose This is Offensive Now

Andrew Lawrence: Social Leprosy for Beginners and Improvers
Ivan Brackenbury's Hospital Radio Roadshow
Andrew Maxwell: Waxin'
Pappy’s Fun Club
  2006 winner   2006 winner

WINNER - PHIL NICHOL: The Naked Racist

David O'Doherty: David O'Doherty is my name
Russell Howard: Wandering
Paul Sinha: Saint or Sinha?
We Are Klang: KlangBang
  2005 winner   2005 winner

WINNER - LAURA SOLON: Kopfraper's Syndrome

Chris Addison: Atomicity
Dutch Elm Conservatoire: Conspiracy
Jason Manford: Urban Legend
Jeremy Lion: What's the Time Mr Lion?
  2004 winner   2004 winner WINNER - JACKSON'S WAY: Will Adamsdale

Chris Addison: Civilisation
Epitaph: Ethan Sandler, Adrian Wenner
Reginald D Hunter: A Mystery Wrapped in a Nigga
Sarah Kendall
  2003 winner   2003 winner WINNER - DEMETRI MARTIN: If I

Adam Hills: Cut Loose
Flight of the Conchords: High on Folk
Howard Read: The Big Howard Little Howard Show
Reginald D. Hunter: White Woman
  2002 winner   2002 winner WINNER - DANIEL KITSON: Something

Jimmy Carr: Bare Faced Ambition
Omid Djalili: Behind Enemy Lines
Noel Fielding: Voodoo Hedgehog
Adam Hills: Happy Feet
Phil Nichol: Things I Like, I Lick
  2001 winner   2001 winner WINNER - GARTH MARENGHI'S NETHERHEAD

Jason Byrne
Adam Hills: Go You Big Red Fire Engine
Daniel Kitson: Love, Innocence And The Word Cock
Dan Antopolski: Antopolski 2000
  2000 winner   2000 winner WINNER - RICH HALL is Otis Lee Crenshaw

Dave Gorman: Are You Dave Gorman?
Sean Lock: No Flatley, I am the Lord of the Dance
Lee Mack's: New Bits
Garth Marenghi's: Fright Knight
  1999 winner   1999 winner WINNER - AL MURRAY: And a Glass of White Wine for the Lady

Terry Alderton
Arctic Boosh
Simon Munnery as The League Against Tedium: Ubertechnocomedie
Ross Noble: Laser Boy
  1998 winner   1998 winner WINNER - TOMMY TIERNAN: Undivine Comedy

Ed Byrne: A Night at the Opera
Sean Cullen: Wood, Cheese & Children
Peter Kay
Al Murray: Pub Landlord's Keeper of the Pint Cosmic
  1997 winner   1997 winner WINNER - THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN

Milton Jones: Joyrider
Al Murray: King of Beers
Graham Norton: Charlie's Angels go to Hell
The Johnny Vegas Show
  1996 winner   1996 winner WINNER - DYLAN MORAN is Indisposed

Armstrong and Miller: The Quality Shag
Bill Bailey
Rich Hall: Freewheelin’
Dominic Holland: Holland-Days Sauce
Al Murray: The Pub Landlord's Late Lock-In
  1995 winner   1995 winner WINNER - JENNY ECLAIR: Prozac and Tantrums

Simon Bligh: Banzai
Scott Capurro: The Love and Affection Tour
Boothby Graffoe
The Umblilical Brothers: Heaven By Storm
  1994 winner   1994 winner WINNER - LANO & WOODLEY

Alan Davies
Jeff Green
Harry Hill: Pub Internationale with Al Murray
Owen O'Neill: It's a bit like this...
Robert Schimmel
  1993 winner   1993 winner WINNER - LEE EVANS

Corky and the Juice Pigs
Phil Kay
Johnny Meres: My Booze Hell by Little Johnny Cartilage
Donna McPhail
Parrot: Sick as a Parrot
Greg Proops
  1992 winner   1992 winner WINNER - STEVE COOGAN In Character with JOHN THOMSON

Jo Brand
Bruce Morton: Sin
John Shuttleworth's Guide To Stardom
Mark Thomas
  1991 winner   1991 winner WINNER - FRANK SKINNER

Avner The Eccentric
Jack Dee
Eddie Izzard: Just the Words
Lily Savage: The Live Experience
  1990 winner   1990 winner WINNER - SEAN HUGHES: A One Night Stand

Dillie Keane: Single Again
Pete McCarthy: The Hangover Show
Jimmy Tingle
  1989 winner   1989 winner WINNER - SIMON FANSHAWE

John Hegley: Can I Come Down Now Dad?
Al and George: Unscheduled Stop
Will Durst
Live Bed Show
The World Of Les and Robert
  1988 winner   1988 winner WINNER - JEREMY HARDY

Doug Anthony Allstars
Roy Hutchins: Whale Nation
Robert Llewellyn: Mammon Robot Born of Woman
The Wow Show
  1987 winner   1987 winner WINNER - BROWN BLUES

Nick Revell
Jeremy Hardy
Simon Fanshawe
John Sparkes
  1986 winner   1986 winner WINNER - BEN KEATON: Intimate Memoirs of an Irish Taxidermist

Paul B Davies
Roy Hutchins
Jenny Lecoat
Merry Mac Fun Show: Psychoshanter
  1985 winner   1985 winner WINNER - THEATRE DE COMPLICITÉ: More Bigger Snacks Now

The Bodgers: Mr Hargreaves Did It
Merry Mac Fun Show
Sue Ingleton: Strip Jack Naked
Frank Chickens: We Are... Frank Chickens
  1984 winner   1984 winner WINNER - THE BRASS BAND

Fascinating Aida
Hank Wangford Band
The Bodgers: Arfington Arfington
  1983 winner   1983 winner WINNER - LOS TRIOS RINGBARKUS
  1982 winner   1982 winner WINNER - WRITER'S INC.
  1981 winner   1981 winner WINNER - CAMBRIDGE FOOTLIGHTS